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Our Advantage
The Engineering Services group at Industrial Supply Solutions, Inc.®, exists to help our customers reduce their investment and operating costs, providing the proper solution at the lowest price. Whether it is upgrading a single conveyor or building a new plant, our experienced team can provide support and recommendations aimed at improving your bottom line. Together with our ISSI and Conveying Solutions, LLC® teammates, we will prove that we are the hardest working team in the business.

Our Services
Engineering Design Selection
• Conveyor Drive Design
• Component Selection
• Belt Analyst
• Recommended Solutions

• Condition Reporting
• Inventory Identification
• Multilevel Reporting
• Maintenance Planning

• Technical Assistance/Tagging and Delivery Coordination
• Preassembly of Bearings on Pulleys
Conveying Solutions, LLC® (CSLLC®)

- CSLLC® Cyclone Program: For capital projects, Industrial Supply Solutions, Inc.®, and our sister company, Conveying Solutions, LLC®, will supply and install cleaners with special pricing.

Survey Benefits
• Condition Reporting
- Identify component issues and propose solutions before failure occurs.

• Inventory Identification
- Component identification and count for each piece of equipment is gathered at the plant and reported.

• Multilevel Reporting
- Critical component identification and standardization can follow by compiling data from multiple plants.

• Maintenance Planning
- Improved inventory management leads to greater efficiency and minimizes unplanned downtime.

Contact Us
Chad Kilgore
Director - Engineering Services
804 Julian Road
Salisbury, NC 28147
(704) 636-4241

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